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Brand Development Services

   Boost your brand recognition with our expert brand development services. We specialize in creating professional logos, designs, and custom marketing materials aimed to attract and engage your ideal clients and target audience.

Branded Design
Branded Hot Sauce


   Exactly what is brand development and why is it so important"? The brand development definition according to the Cambridge dictionary is "the process of improving a brand or improving customers' knowledge and opinions of a brand".

   In other words, it's about building an image or persona that explains what your business is all about. It's important because it helps translate information quickly to your potential customers and clients. It only takes 7 seconds for somebody to form an opinion on your brand, so want to be able to send as much meaningful information as you can in a quick and clean way.



   The brand development process is a strategic approach to creating and maintaining a strong brand identity that resonates with your target audience. This process involves several key steps, which ensure that the brand is consistently represented and effectively communicates its message.


Understanding market trends, competitors, and identifying your target audience as well as their wants and needs.


Determine how you will differentiate yourself from competitors and clearly explain the unique benefits your brand has to offer.

Image & Message

Choose a memorable and meaningful brand name, tagline, and logo that aligns with the brand’s identity and positioning.


Adapt to stay relevant with consumer choices or maintain a competitive edge with new products and services.


   Our brand development services help to make your company stand out and increase the recognition of your brand by creating a strong visual identity that clearly communicates your business's message. The end goal is that this new brand identity will build customer loyalty and retention in your industry.

   Start a logo design for your brand, create a visual identity, build brand guidelines, and more with our branding services.


   Boost your visual identity while building brand recognition and trust with a custom logo. Get scalable vector graphics for easy and consistent branding.

Branded Logo

Custom Logo for J Eternal Gaming

Custom Branded Illustration

Custom Character Illustration

Illustration DESIGN

   Turn boring text, data, and information into visual engaging and easy-to-understand graphics.
   Get custom illustrations, infographics, web icons, and more that fit the theme and stay consistent with your brand.

Photo Editing

   Touch up and restore old photographs, add or remove a person or object from a picture, create a meme, or a professional photo collage. The possibilities are endless!

Photo Collage

17 pictures from different New York state parks put together to create a single fantasy landscape.

Brand Logo and Merchandise


The Meat Chickenz

   A fantastic bluegrass band approached us at Keep Dreaming Art with a sketchy hand-drawn design of a chicken lifting a pint in a toast, expressing their desire for it to become their band logo.    With the use of our brand development services, a vector image was created according to their wishes. Their new logo was then proudly showcased on their custom shirts, tank tops, coasters, and stickers.


Brand Logo

I've been buying band merchandise for years now. Their product selection is always growing. The quality of the shirts and hoodies are top notch soft and comfortable, and the designs of the logo are a perfect fit for our weird little group. Almost forgot, impeccable customer service and fast turn around.

The Meat Chickenz

Brand Stickers

KD Art was extremely professional and helpful and was very quick to reply and answer the numerous questions I had and shipped out to me very fast and was received without problem and was blown away at the quality of the stickers and artwork I received and at the low and affordable cost! Am going to be a repeat customer already making my second order with them can’t recommend them highly enough give them a try you will not regret it!


Branded Mouse Pads

Northern Lights
Smoke Shop

The artist is so talented and easy to work with if you are looking for something custom and specific. We have been working with them for about 4 years now and just love them so much and appreciate the hard work they do for us and do such a great job sticking to timelines as well.


If your need for branding services has been met, feel free to check out our printing services page for custom promotional products to begin marketing and advertising using your logo or design.

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