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Weed Strain Review: Jokers Candy (Gummiez x Grape Gas)

Grown by @swellcultivation

Weed Strain Jokers candy (Gummiez and grape gas mix)
Jokers candy (Gummiez x grape gas)

Stay Frosty

First sight of this you know it's gonna be top notch flower! Once you get past that heavy coating of trichomes like it's just been snowing in your jar you can start to see hints of purple and bright orange hairs. And there is some light green in there under all that goodness! The bud structure on this one's a little wild, if it wasn't so heavily coated in crystals I'd think it was some poorly done flower but this one's sure to pack a punch.

Looks 9/10

Got the Sauce

Cracking open a nug it smells like some good GMO, like nights at grandmas house where she's whipping up some sauce, no lie very similar to that after smell that lingers around the house, nothing crazy but still an enjoyable nose.

Smell: 7/10

Terps For Days

The initial taste is so hard to put a finger on. It's like a mix of old terps and new age terps combined. At first it's a heavy old school og taste that nice piney , then follows up with a more sweeter almost like legit cookies taste and then leaves a hazy after taste that lingers heavy. This is one of the most intense and interesting terp profile's I've came across with flowers, damn near concentrate levels of terps.

Taste: 8/10

Get In the Zone

The effect is pretty mellow. Nothing overwhelming or couch locked feeling, which is nice for that day to day smoke. Good for when you gotta zone out but still get some work done that isn't to crazy, and I noticed it curbed my appetite. Definitely an "I got shit to do" strain that still has a great effect.

Effect: 8/10

Weed strain jokers candy (Gummiez and  grape gas mix)
Jokers candy (Gummiez x grape gas)

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