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Wholesale and Consignment

     Do you own a store front or an online shop and are looking to carry our products or have your own branded merchandise and promotional items? We're working hard to make sure that you can!

Take a look at our bulk buying price list to get a rough estimate for prices. For an actual price quote or any questions, feel free to reach out through one of the links.

Graphic Design Services

Help distinguish yourself and grow brand recognition with custom branded products or logo's. 

Click the link below to learn more about why you should hire a graphic designer.


Consignment will be available for KD Art merchandise only and does not apply to custom products. We will be working on a 70/30 split of the agreed upon sell price for each product sold. 

consignment contract & Esignature 

Down Payment

There will be a required 30% non-refundable down payment to begin work and the remaining 70% within 30 days of receiving the products. We do accept payment options

Processing Time

We will begin working immediately. The end time varies greatly depending on whether the order was custom made, includes logo's, and the shipping location.


The shipping cost will be added to the total at the end. The additional cost will vary based on items and quantity.

In Store Delivery

within 30 minutes of Albany or Clifton Park

Free Pick Up

From Albany or Clifton Park

We are expanding quickly, and would like to help you do the same!

wholesale Esignature requirement

KD Art

Price List


$20 Per Hour

Logo Design

Flyer Design

Web Design

Brochure Design

Clothing Design

Custom Merchandise

**Consignment available for non-custom made products**

Starting At

As Low As

**Prices may vary based on design**


$20 Each



$35 Each



$50 Each


$12 Each


1.5" x 1.5"

$1 Each


2" x 2"

$1.25 Each


3" x 3"

$1.50 Each


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