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Strain Review: Banana OG x Purple Punch

On today's chopping block we have this #bananapunch ( #bananaog x #purplepunch ) grown by @newrootsgardens

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

First glance from opening the bag I was presented with some beautiful structural nugs, like mini Christmas trees. Bright green with some darker orange hairs hugging the buds all over. The tricombs covering the bud giving it that icy frosted look which I always love, especially when you're looking at under the light.

Look: 8/10

I smell... purple? With a hint of banana

As soon as I cracked my grinder instantly slapped with purple punch notes. But the pleasant part is noticeable hints of banana follow up right after an end with this fuely stank. You can pinpoint each strain's smell in this one almost like you're smelling both genetics separate without them mixing their terp profile together. Outstanding job with this one.

Smell: 7/10

Light but clean

The initial taste from the exhale (water pipe) was a nice fresh flower taste with some hints of the punch following up. A little underwhelming with the terps but the fact of how clean and smooth the hit was really makes up for it, no irritation in the throat from ripping a bong which is a + in my book.

Taste: 5/10

Up, Up and Pain Away!

The effect is a nice calming wave, not so over whelming like some of the last few strains I've reviewed. Definitely something good for a wake and bake and throughout the day use. Very uplifting feeling and even a little energizing, making me ready for the day even though it's 10:30pm. It's also great for any muscle or joint pains as the stiffness in my hands definitely have eased up a bit with this strain.

Effect: 7/10

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