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Other Designs and Projects

Project Summary 

Some more designs for smaller projects; created for contest winners, personal use, and to improve my design skill.

  1. Custom Power Ranger:

    With a sick friend in the hospital, Derek entered and won our design giveaway contest. His wish was to turn a picture of his friend into a power ranger with a burning phoenix on their chest. Looking to make this design look as accurate as possible, I included as much detail as possible, right down to the eyelashes reflecting off the eyes. This gave me great practice with gradients and working on backgrounds.

  2. Take That Thing Back Where It Came From:

    A custom poster design of Michael Buble and Mike Wazowski singing together that was created for a Michael Buble Fan.

  3. Need a Design?:

    Looking to promote myself while on the go, I designed this vector illustration of me holding a sign offering my services that I could apply to a t-shirt.

  4. Chib Gnome Big/Small:

    Gnome versions of glass blower, Chiblay Slice.

  5. Tie Dye Gnome:

    A little gnome holding a sign to help promote KD Art's handmade gnome plushies.

  6. Moore Done Right:

    Designed for a local home renovation company in the 518.

  7. Custom Casino T-Shirt:

    A custom designed and printed t-shirt with casino game characters.

  8. Digital Painting Vs. Glass Pendant:

    Looking to brush up on my realism skills, I attempted to create a digital painting of a glass pumpkin pendant. I never finished, but it was coming along beautifully.

  9. Devon Portrait:

    My first attempt at creating a cartoon character using a self portrait.

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The Meat Chickenz

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   From a hand drawing to new branded merchandise, learn how The Meat Chickenz took full advantage of all our services that we offer.


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