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The Meat Chickenz

Logo, Branding, Printing, Apparel, Promotional

The Meat Chickenz

Project Summary 

The Meat Chickenz approached Keep Dreaming Art with a clear vision in mind. They had hand-painted a sizable poster board with a chicken saluting a pint of beer, deeming it the ideal logo for their bluegrass band. After refining their logo to precise specifications, our collaboration extended to crafting designs for band apparel and merchandise. Exploring various color schemes for shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, we collectively determined that black, white, and blue hues provided the most striking backdrop, enhancing the visual impact of the design. Subsequently, we expanded their merchandise lineup to include coasters and stickers, enriching their collection of offerings available for sale.

Project Gallery

"I've been buying band merchandise for years now. Their product selection is always growing. The quality of the shirts and hoodies are top notch soft and comfortable, and the designs of the logo are a perfect fit for our weird little group. Almost forgot, impeccable customer service and fast turn around."


Band Member


The meet chickens logo

The Meat Chickenz

Logo, Branding, Printing, Apparel, Promotional

   From a hand drawing to new branded merchandise, learn how The Meat Chickenz took full advantage of all our services that we offer.


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