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Our Story

It all started with a painting.

Like most people, I had no idea what I wanted to do the rest of my life (forever is a long time). It was the summer of 2017 and I was just looking for peace. Oddly enough, it was found in my own mind along with my creative ideas. Chib had gotten into glass blowing around 2014 so he had some time invested at this point and you could tell he had a passion for it. So i decided to paint him a little inspirational piece to help give him a little extra motivation. And the next thing you know, the motto was born. "Keep the Dream Alive". 

I had been playing around with photoshop in my free time and even took business and graphic design courses throughout high school. It's funny how things work out.

I love Art. And I never thought I would be doing it for a living. - Devon Diggity

Glass Blower

Chiblay Slice

Graphic Designer

D-von Diggity

Hey there, I'm Devon Diggity, co-owner of KD Art. My job is to handle all the graphic design projects like creating custom logos and designing business cards, flyers and even custom clothing such as T-shirts or trippy art on dab mats. My partner Chiblay Slice is the glass blower who produces beautiful glass art pieces like pipes, bowls, pendants and even sex toys. Fill out a form for any custom glass blowing or graphic art you may need help with. Based out of the Capital Region, Albany, NY.

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